CTO (Chief Technology Officer) Job Description, Salary, Qualification, Responsibilities

CTO (Chief Technology Officer) Job Description, Salary, Qualification, Responsibilities

chief technology officer (CTO) is an executive or technical officer who is responsible to manage Research and Development (R&D) and technology needs. The responsibilities and role of the CTO also depend on the company.

CTO Job Description

As we know who is CTO, The CTO who is responsible to manage R&D and technology needs. CTO works under the chief executive officer (CEO). He take decision for product department, technology department, and other departments. A chief technology officer (CTO) should be a strategic thinker, an effective communicator and an expert in technological development.

CTO Salary

An entry-level Chief Technology Officer (CTO) with around 1 year of Job experience can expect to earn an average total compensation (includes tips, bonus, and overtime pay) 60 Lakh package per year. As per Glassdoor company given below the salary structure of CTO job –

CTO Salary In India

Company NameSalary
TCS – Chief Technology Officer Salary₹890K – ₹959K
Capgemini – Chief Technology Officer Salary₹596K – ₹645K
Mindtree – Chief Technology Officer Salary₹658K – ₹719K
Flipkart – Chief Technology Officer Salary₹10,713K – ₹11,766K
Siemens – Chief Technology Officer Salary₹997K – ₹1,079K
Cybage Software – Chief Technology Officer Salary₹8,979K – ₹9,826K
ABC – Chief Technology Officer Salary₹8,784K – ₹9,558K
Reliance Communications – Chief Technology Officer Salary₹166K – ₹182K
Indian Air Force – Chief Technology Officer Salary₹1,815K – ₹1,991K
Zee Entertainment – Chief Technology Officer Salary₹8,142K – ₹8,685K

CTO Qualification

If you want to be a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) then you need to have a bachelor or master degree, atleast 8 years of experience, leadership quality and some other skills like:

  • Network architecture
  • Big data engineering
  • Information security management
  • Security engineering
  • Web software development

Summary of CTO Qualification

  • Bachlor or Masters degree in Computer Science (CS) or related field.
  • 8 years working in a technological role.
  • 5 years managerial experience.
  • Advanced technological skills.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication.
  • Team Lead Quality.
  • Extensive industry knowledge with an eye towards the future.

CTO Responsibility

A CTO should have some Job responsibility like:

  • Should have a vision that how a technology can give benifits to the company.
  • Should ensure all the technological resources meet the company’s short and long-term needs.
  • Outline the goals for R&D.
  • Create timeline for all the technology releases.
  • Making all the executive decisions on the behalf of the company’s technological requirements.
  • Acting as a mentor to all team members and team leaders.
  • Managing technology budgets and time frames.
  • Staying on top of technology trends and developments.
  • Maintaining a consumer-focused outlook and aiding in the delivering of IT projects to market.
  • Ensuring all technology practices adhere to regulatory standards.

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