Fake Company List 2020 in India

By | February 20, 2020

Fake Company List 2020 in India – Hello Jobseekers, Today we are sharing the list of all Fake Company 2020 in India. This updated Fake Company List 2020 in India will help you to be safe during hunting job. Some time a job seeker trapped by these fake companies they ask money in returned of job. The Ministry of corporate affairs official website also provides the facility to check whether and company fake or real.

How can I detect a company is fake or not?

  • Visit Ministry of corporate affairs official website’s link http://www.mca.gov.in/mcafoportal/viewCompanyMasterData.do
  • Enter Company/ LLP Name, Company CIN/FCRN/LLPIN/FLLPIN and Capcha.
  • Then Click on “Submit” and you will find “company is fake or not”
  • In case CIN/LLPIN is not available Then Click on “Search” button after entering the first few characters in Company/LLP Name field.
  • List of companies/LLPs would appear. Select respective company/LLP and then click on ‘Select’ button.
  • Click the Submit button once CIN/LLPIN is displayed.
  • System shall display company data; take printout for future reference.

Fake Company List 2020 in India

  • Accentric India Techno Global
  • Adroit India Techno Solutions
  • Afxisi Technology India Techno Services P Ltd.
  • AigleSoft India Techno Services
  • Algorithm India Techno Computers
  • Altra India Techno Systems
  • Amked India Techno Technologies
  • Ample India Techno Technologies
  • Anchor India Techno IT Solutions
  • Aniga India Techno Technologies
  • Answer Think India Techno Solutions
  • Answerland IT Univ India Techno
  • Aspentech Global India Techno Solutions
  • Atlantics India Techno Solutions Private Limited
  • AV India Techno Systems
  • Axial Software India Techno Solutions
  • Axiom Tech India Techno Solutions
  • Axis India Techno Systems Pvt. Ltd
  • B India Techno Software
  • Basil India Techno Solutions
  • Bein Soft Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • Binary India Techno Infotech Pvt. Ltd
  • Bridge India Techno consulting firm
  • Business India Techno Consulting
  • Buttress India Techno Technologies Private Limited
  • C – Wave India Techno Technologies
  • CandorIndia Techno Technologies
  • Cavinsys India Techno Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • Centen India Techno Information Systems
  • Centric India Techno Software Technology
  • Charli India Techno Solutions (P) Limited
  • Cherubs India Techno Software Solutions
  • CK India Techno Technologies
  • Clara India Techno Technologies
  • Complete India Techno Object Solutions
  • Convex India Techno Technologies
  • Copious India Techno IT Services
  • Coreshell India Techno Technologies
  • CRC India Techno Sofware Solutions
  • Crest India Techno
  • Croma Soft India Techno
  • Cross Road India Techno Logistics Pvt Ltd
  • CS India Techno Informatics
  • Cubic India Techno System
  • Cygate India Techno Software and Consulting
  • Cynex India Techno Global
  • Cynosoft India Techno
  • DVInfo India Techno Soft Private Limited
  • Dallinsoft India Techno India Pvt Ltd
  • Data comp services India Techno Alchemy solutions
  • Data Core India Techno Systems
  • Davin Technologies India Techno Private Limited
  • Delight India Techno Information Technologies
  • Denis India Techno Soft Technologies
  • Dexter India Techno Matrix
  • DG India Techno Microsys Consultancy Services
  • Diac India Techno Spaa Technologies
  • Digitech India Techno Solution Limited
  • Dream India Techno Soft
  • Dreamware India Techno Infotech
  • Dyamica India India Techno Private Limited
  • EE India Techno Infoware
  • Edge India Techno IT Services Pvt Ltd
  • Eicon India Techno Technologies
  • Eigen India Techno Values Technologies (P)Ltd
  • Eiko India Techno Infotech Private Limited
  • ElbrussoftTech Global
  • EmbeddedsoftTech Galaxy
  • EmporisoftTechs Technologies
  • E-NetsoftTech Systems India P.Ltd
  • EnopiasoftTechSolutions
  • eQwestsoftTech Software Solutions
  • ERPsoftTech Business Solutions
  • ERPsoftTech Solutions Asia
  • EsecsoftTechTechnology Solutions
  • EsoftsoftTechFactory
  • ESoftexsoftTech Solutions
  • E-VelocitisoftTechSoftware Solutions
  • ExertsoftTech Infotech
  • ExpresssoftTech Estates Advertising
  • EyerissoftTech IT Software Solutions
  • First MediasoftTech India Pvt Ltd
  • FlexiconsoftTech Technologies
  • Four WaysoftTech Commitment Services
  • FrolicssoftTech information Technologies Beacon Software Technologies
  • FuturesoftTech Infotech
  • FuturesoftTech point technologies
  • GlobalsoftTech Care Solutions
  • GlobalsoftTech tech solutions
  • GlobussoftTech system
  • GrabsoftTech Technologies
  • GSNsoftTech Technologies
  • HelixsoftTech Technologies
  • HighsoftTech Tech Lead
  • HindustansoftTech Software Pvt Ltd
  • I – LiterasoftTech Technologies
  • I GlobalsoftTech Infotech
  • i TechsoftTech manage Pvt. Ltd.
  • IESsoftTech Consulting
  • IncoresoftTechTechnology Pvt Ltd
  • InfluxsoftTech Soft Solutions
  • InfosoftTech Labs
  • InfonitesoftTechSoftware Solutions
  • InfoservsoftTechindia
  • InnovativesoftTech Search Consultancy Services
  • InnovatorssoftTech India Digital Tech (P) Ltd
  • InstancesoftTech Software Solutions
  • InventivesoftTech Consultancy Service
  • IPromaxsoftTechTechnoologies
  • I-SquaresoftTech Innovations
  • IT EsteemsoftTech Solutions
  • IT ThoughtssoftTech Consulting Pvt Ltd
  • iTestsoftTech Soft.
  • ITRTsoftTech Solutions Private Limited
  • JplansoftTechInfotech Pvt. Ltd
  • JVSsoftTech Infotech Pvt Ltd
  • K SoftwaresoftTech Technologies Limited(Currently Known as TouchPoint)
  • K SystemssoftTech Limited
  • KadarisoftTechTechnologies
  • KrestsoftsoftTech Technologies
  • KreyasoftsoftTechTechInfosys
  • KSsoftTech Software Technology
  • Kumars Infotech
  • K-VansoftTech Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • LeosoftTechInfo Tech Pvt.Ltd
  • LogindsoftTechTechnologie
  • Lotus-PinksoftTech Capital Services Pvt Ltd
  • M/S Axil Informatics Pvt Ltd
  • M/s Ceacon Informatics
  • M/s Core Labs Bangalore
  • M/S Cusat Systems
  • M/s Global I Max Technologies / M/s Flash Info Tech Pvt Ltd / Mindsoft India Pvt Ltd. / gMindsoft India
  • M/s Sinertel Solutions / M/s Ram Soft Solutions / M/s Saptree Technology Consultancy
  • M/S SoftwaresoftTech Technology Solutions
  • M/s YaresoftTech Technologies pvt Ltd.
  • M/s. AvestaasoftTechSolutions Pvt. Ltd
  • M/s. CinovasoftTechSoftware Solutions
  • M/s. DeltacoresoftTech Infotech
  • M/s. DiginetsoftTech Software Consultancy Services / M/s. Diginet Software Communications Ltd
  • M/s. JaspersoftTech IT Solutions / Omega Software Solutions / Ms. Softpearl.com / Zeno Tech
  • M/s. McAdishsoftTech Technologies
  • M/s. SkubesoftTech Software Solutions
  • MaasoftTech – Yoke Technologies
  • MacroconsoftTech Technologies
  • MagazinesoftTech Networks India Pvt Ltd
  • MansoftsoftTech Microsystem
  • MAOsoftTech Technologies Pvt Ltd.
  • MarselvizsoftTech Technologies
  • MasssoftTech Information Technology
  • Master Mind InfoTech
  • Maythas Software solutions
  • Megara IT Solutions
  • Meotex Solutions
  • Merak Global Solutions
  • Merit Computers
  • MetaSystems
  • Microbase Technologies
  • Microcon International Pvt Ltd
  • Milieu Solutions
  • Minmax Infosystems Pvt. Ltd
  • MK Multivision
  • Mosiac Technologies.
  • Naat Technologies/Naat Consulting Pvt Ltd
  • Nector Source
  • Needs(FSO Airtel) Shop
  • Nest
  • Netsoft Microsoft
  • Nipsys Private Limited
  • Noble Soft Solutions Private Limited
  • Nutech Software Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • NXXIT Technologies
  • Nyku Systems
  • Octrant Technologies
  • Ocxium Technologies (IVector Technologies)
  • Opengates Bpo Services Pvt (Leadon – System HR Pvt Ltd)
  • Opensols Infottech Pvt Ltd
  • Orange Technologies
  • Ozone Technologies
  • Perchsoft Technologies
  • Petranics solutions Pvt Ltd
  • Poineer IT
  • Power Alpha Consulting / AB Solutions
  • PrimeNet Technologies
  • Professional Softech
  • Prosix Softron Pvt. Ltd
  • Protonix Solutions
  • ProxisTechnoBusiness Solution / Neotecra India Pvt Ltd
  • QTechno – Sol Technologies
  • QualibandTechno Technologies
  • QuesofTechnot Solutions
  • R TechnoM Infotech Pvt. Ltd
  • K. Techno Computers
  • RamstunTechnoTechnologies
  • RaythonTechnoTechnologies Private Limit
  • RealTechno soft technologies
  • ReconTechno Software Solutions
  • RehobothTechno S/W Technology
  • ReoxTechnoSoft
  • ReoxTechno Soft Pvt Ltd
  • Rex TechnoSui Servcies Private Limited
  • RidgeTechno Info Solutions
  • SagunaTechno Soft Technologies Private Limited
  • SalegenTechnoOutsourcing Services
  • SansenTechnoTechnologies Inc
  • ScalarTechno Info / Scalar Info Solutions
  • Seer TechnoGlobal Techno Solutions
  • SeismicTech Technologies
  • SemanticTech Solutions (India) Pvt Ltd.
  • ServcustomerTechTechnologies
  • ShaTechms Software Solutions
  • SheeTechba Computers
  • ShrinTeche Solutions India Pvt Ltd
  • ShriyTecha Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • Shrushti Infoserve Engineering Pvt Ltd
  • SigTechniorinfotech
  • SiTechnomple Solution
  • SineIndia Technorgee Software Service
  • Skywest Aviations
  • SofIndia Technot Art Consulting
  • Soft Link India Techno Solutions
  • Softeam India Techno Solutions
  • Softech India Techno Global Solution
  • Softech India Techno Global Solutions
  • Softpro India Techno Software Professionals Private Ltd
  • Sonus India Techno Software Solutions
  • Spatial India Techno Technology Services
  • Sprint India Techno Technologies
  • Standard India Techno Life Sciences
  • Stream India Techno Systems
  • Sumo India Techno Soft Private Limited
  • Sunshine India Techno Technology
  • Swiistech India Techno Solutions
  • SwisstechIndia Techno Solutions
  • Symphany Services
  • Synecta India Techno Technologies
  • SyntyceIndia Techno India Techno Solutions
  • Sysame India Techno Solutions Private Limited.
  • SysariesIndia Techno
  • Systel InfosIndia Techno
  • SystralTechnologiesIndia Techno
  • SysworksIndia TechnoInfotech – Covenant IT Solutions
  • TangentIndia Techno Infotech Pvt Ltd
  • TangentIndia Techno IT Solutions
  • TangentIndia Techno Soft / Vidatha Infotech
  • TargetIndia Techno Customer Care
  • TechIndia Techno Biz Soft Pvt Ltd
  • TechIndia Techno Pro Infotech
  • TechIndia Techno Rayan
  • TechIndia Techno Recipe
  • TechIndia Techno Trends
  • Tech WaveIndia Techno Info Solutions
  • TechnoIndia Techno Spine Solutions
  • TecknoIndia TechnoNet Solutions
  • TengentIndia TechnoSoft
  • TextronIndia Techno IT Services
  • TranscendIndia Techno Technology Orbit
  • TrikiaIndia TechnoPharma
  • TritechIndia Techno Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • TrivensysIndia Techno
  • TryocenIndia Techno/ Tryocen Software Pvt Ltd
  • Unit India Techno India Systems
  • UWIN India Techno Global Services
  • V B Design India Techno Automation Software Private Ltd
  • V India Techno Solutions
  • Vallika India Techno Technologies
  • VC eCall India Techno Solutions
  • Vebtel India Techno Infoway
  • Vee ServeIndia Techno Smart Service
  • VerbatimIndia Techno
  • VertualIndia TechnoTechnologies
  • VgnanaIndia Techno Technologies
  • VidathaIndia Techno Info Tech
  • View India Techno Software Technologies
  • VintageIndia Techno solutions
  • VisionIndia Techno Solutions
  • VoxelIndia Techno Technologies
  • VoyageriIndia TechnoSolutions Pvt Ltd
  • VyomIndia Techno Technosoft Pvt Ltd
  • WalenceIndia TechnoConsulting
  • WelschIndia Techno Infosystems Private Limited
  • WhitespaceIndia Techno Technologies
  • WilldelIndia Techno Infomatics
  • Wisdom India Techno technologies
  • Xis India Techno Technology Pvt Ltd
  • Xorient India Techno Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • Yokework India Techno Technologies
  • Zenxa India Techno Technologies
  • Zersa India Techno Technologies
  • Zoetic India Techno Software Inc

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