naukri – How to Add/ Delete/ Deactivate Account

How to Delete or deactivate Account/Profile Permanently – If you are the one who is looking for private job or switching to new job then is the one of the best job portal for you.

Why only is easy to use, free to use and one of India’s largest online job website.

naukri was started in 1997 and has been growing ever since. It is a platform that connects employers to employees.

Through this site, an employee can apply for jobs in India as well as overseas. Along with this, recruiters can also reach out to employees.

This website has more than 4,75,000 jobs live at any point to which they have received over 60 million job applicant profiles and bio-data. During 2017-2018 has serviced over 76,000 corporate clients, says its corporate website.

To search for jobs on, creating an account is necessary. If you have already found a job (after creating a account) at your dream company and would wish to excel there, then it would be beneficial to you to delete your account.

Therefore, the next step now is to delete your account. It’s important to delete or deactivate your account for several reasons. Here, I will explain these in detail.

How to Create a Naukri Account

  • Step 1. Go to the website
  • Step 2. Click on Login
  • Step 3. Register Now
  • Step 4. Fill in your details and proceed
  • Step 5. Look for jobs that fall under your interests

How to Delete Naukri Account

Step 1. Log-in at

To delete a account, you’ll require your email ID and the password you used to create it.

Once you have successfully logged in, you will see the logo at the top of your screen. Alongside this logo, to the right of your page, nearing the end, will be a ‘My Naukri’ option. Select this option.

Step 2.  Go to ‘Settings’

After clicking on ‘My Naukri’ you will be given 11 options below. Select the option that says ‘Settings’.

Step 3. Visit ‘Read More’

After clicking on settings, you will be taken to the page through which you can manage your profile.

Scroll down and at the bottom of the page you will find a subhead that says ‘Not looking for a Job change right now’. Below this will be an option to read more. Select this option.

Step 4. Delete Account

Once you have clicked on ‘Read More’ the page will then extend. You will be given an option to either deactivate your account or delete it permanently.

After clicking this option you will have to state the reason for why you want to delete your account.

Once you state your reason, you will be asked to enter your password. This allows you to delete your account permanently.

Deactivating Your Account

You can deactivate your account if you don’t wish to delete it.

This means, if you have found a new job or for some reason you don’t want to use your account then you are free to deactivate it temporarily.

Deactivating your account means, you will not receive any emails until your next login.

Follow these simple steps to deactivate your account.

  • Go to Settings
  • Communication and Privacy
  • Not looking for a job right now
  • Deactivate until the next login.

But before you do so, make sure to change the visibility settings on your profile. This will make your profile invisible to recruiters.


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