Patanjali coronil medicine kit – price, buy online, corona ki dawa by baba ramdev


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On June 23, स्वामी रामदेव has announced that they have prepared a coronavirus vaccine to treat covid-19 patient. The name of this medicine is coronil.

Patanjali coronil medicine kit price

The total price of Patanjali coronil medicine kit will be 600 रुपये. Baba Ram dev also said that they will provide this medicine free of cost to all BPL categories person.

Patanjali coronil kit

How to buy online Patanjali coronil medicine kit

Baba ramdev also added that अगले 7 दिनों में पतंजलि स्टोर पर मिलेगी दवा but if you only want to purchase this medicine through online then you will have to wait. Patanjali is going to launch an app “OrderMe” to deliver coronil.

Patanjali coronil medicine – Ingredients

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